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Family Education and Team Education is of paramount importance to foster carryover of our clients’ strategies into other contexts.  Therefore, collaboration and education is an ongoing process as our clientele progress through their therapy.  Family members, including parents, grandparents and siblings, along with other team members are encouraged to observe our sessions.   We strive to “train the trainer” whether that person is a parent, a familiar peer, a teacher, a paraprofessional or another therapist.

  •  Holistic Approach and Collaboration:  As communication specialists, we value a transdisciplinary approach whereby we each play a crucial role to our clients’ success.  Collaboration and reinforcing each others’ goals is critical.In-class Observations:  We may visit our clients’ classrooms, playgrounds, etc., to better understand our clients’ communication needs.
  • Lending Library:  We have a lending library in our office for anyone to borrow books that will help them better understand their own needs or their child’s needs
  •  Co-Treatment with other therapists:  At times, co-treatment with another team member is necessary and more beneficial for a particular client.

We lend our expertise to the public, whether they be laypeople, our colleagues, our associates or other professionals. These workshops may occur in our office or in your facility or for your association.

      • IEP Assistance:  We assist our parents in the IEP process in order to help them best advocate for their child.
      • Support Groups:  A variety of support groups are available in our office including one our older clients and one for our parents.  Led by a professional specializing in counseling.
      • Technology Oriented Services:  Use our in-house apps to determine which augmentative assistive device is right for you prior to purchasing them yourself