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Our social communication groups are led by a licensed and ASHA certified speech/language pathologist utilizing a variety of approaches. Our groups promote Social Thinking®, The Zones of Regulation® and executive functioning skills in the context of connecting with peers in a safe, comfortable environment and fun environment. All groups are formed given a formal and/or informal intake process.

Groups are formed based on the following:

  • Clients’ therapeutic needs and goals
  • Clients’ Age
  • Clients’ Interests
  • Clients’ Scheduling Needs

This program is a peer mentoring program whereby each person, both the mentor and the mentee, brings value and feels valued. It is organized and run in much the same way as our Social Communication Groups. The difference is that mentors are supported with initial education and training and are supported during the structured group interaction. The goal of this program is to provide the mentor and the mentee with a growth opportunity that will foster their self-confidence in achieving their goals, whether it be in leadership development for the mentor or conversational/social skills for the mentee.  Additionally, it will provide the mentor to foster generalization of the skills from individual sessions to a more naturalistic context.  In the process, each participant will make a new friend. It is our hope that he community-at-large will benefit by creating new leaders in spreading awareness and acceptance of learning differences and differences, in general, fostering a reduction in bullying behavior.

This program is essentially a “matchmaking” database that supports our clients and the community-at-large. Social interaction is a key ingredient for emotional well-being, academic, vocational and life skills success. Adults or parents of children may call us as an avenue to foster social interaction when they are experiencing difficulty “fitting in” due to hectic schedules, difficulty navigating the social world, inability to find people with similar interests, etc.

Our program is either formal or informal and clients may choose to begin as informal and move to formal if they require our support in learning how to engage in social reciprocity. They may begin as formal with Communiverse™’s support and move to informal as forming a social bond without support is the ultimate goal.

        • FORMAL:  clients socialize within our office walls with our support and are similar to our Social Communication Groups or dyads.
        • INFORMAL:Non-clients choose to meet in the community after we provide them with a potential social partner/friend without our support

A dyad is two people engaging socially. At Communication Imaging, we provide support for any dyad whether it be a dyad consisting of a client and familiar peers such as a sibling/relative or a neighbor or two clients who are unfamiliar peers are identified by our associates as being a “good fit”. It is more challenging to engage with a peer than it is an adult or therapist. Therefore, the therapeutic process may move along a continuum from individual therapy to a dyad to a group.


For anyone who wishes to become a more effective communicator whether it be at home, work or in the community. Let us help you with conversations, presentations, conflicts, etc.