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Mission Statement

At Communiverse®, we believe in harnessing the inherent strengths of each individual through a relationship-centered approach to therapy. We implement evidence-based practices to provide comprehensive and individualized therapy for each client.  We uphold the values of neurodiversity affirming therapy practices and prioritize emotional regulation and connection over compliance in our therapeutic endeavors. Our team presumes competence and implements a strength-based approach in all of our therapy sessions.  Our mission is to empower clients of all ages to unlock their full communicative potential by fostering a supportive and collaborative environment that celebrates each client’s unique strengths and abilities.

About Us

Welcome to Communiverse® (formally known as Communication Imaging)! We offer comprehensive, evidence-based speech and language therapy services for people of all ages, including all aspects of speech and language. Our team is especially skilled in the areas of early language development, social learning, executive functioning, feeding, and childhood apraxia of speech. We believe in a collaborative team approach that includes counseling, emotional support, sensory support, and behavior support. Our highly experienced team empowers clients to navigate their academic, social-emotional, behavioral, and vocational lives by coaching them in effective coping strategies, fostering compromise, and facilitating meaningful connections with others honoring all forms of communication in a variety of contexts. We focus on the specific communication preferences and needs of each client to ensure they meet their individual goals. Combining cutting-edge research, technology, and extensive clinical expertise, we deliver optimal solutions tailored to individuals of all ages.

Founded over two decades ago, Communiverse® is dedicated to delivering unparalleled evaluations and treatments tailored to the unique needs of our clients and their families. We prioritize matching clients with therapists who best address their needs, ensuring effective therapy outcomes. Our therapists continually enhance their expertise through ongoing education, workshops, and certifications. We focus on harnessing each client’s strengths and accommodating their unique learning differences. Our team of licensed, certified, and highly skilled therapists fosters an environment that encourages clients to reach their maximum potential. Recognizing the crucial role of parents, teachers, and family members in therapeutic success, we offer services in naturalistic settings, including clients’ homes, schools, or in our own “therapy home”. We offer services to help navigate different hurdles in daily living that individuals and families may face such as interpreting educational documents and exploring vocational options, to name a few. Our team is dedicated to meeting all therapeutic needs of every individual in (y)our Communiverse.